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Moorecool's web page!

Mega Man

Note from Moorecool:

On this site I have links to some websites that I like and some web sites I love!

all younger children should ask their parents permission before playing on some web sites-like Runescape, battleon, or Miniclip because of the monster slaying.

If you wish to contact me about a certain problem or question you will have to wait because at the moment I am busy with current affairs and have no way of contacting you.

I have put age levels for all websites I do hope you you follow my age requirements and check for my usual monthly updates.

I have also included some hints for games that are on this page. When you are going through the hyperlinks or website I have recommended I do not guarantee that they will always work



This whole web page is sponsored by the loving, and caring parents of Moorecool!

Web sites i recommend are as following:

  9 and up                                                  9 and under                               web-finders and school help                                                                                                                                                                                        

the runescape forum I visit


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