page2-                             TIPS- for runescape, and freearcade

Runescape tips- to gain from lvl 3 to 8 all you do is hit dummies in varrock until you gain lvls.

To get gold and get rich when you are a lvl 3 kill chickens until you get 10k in feathers, sell them to a fly fishing player for 1-10gp each. P.S. when you sell feathers sell in bulk not 1 feather at a time!

Buy stuff for cheap and sell it high in any world to make profit this is called Merchantism P.S. sell your stuff in world 1 that is were all the buyers go!

when somebody says  will trim your armor never give them your armor it is a huge scam they take it and run off. If this ever happens to you report the person immediately for item scamming.

when someone says "hey you cant say your pass see look here's mine *****" its a scam all they did for their password was type shift and then eight. the only word u really cant say is the word password that is why they say "pass" if you say your password they will get your account and every thing in it, so immediately change your password. Another hint is to set your recovery questions soon so only you can change your password.   

Magic levels- I love magic because it is very rewarding for getting around, attacking from far away, and quests. For Dragon slyer I didn't have to give wormbrain 10k for the map piece. I simply killed him with magic and used telekenectic grab to get the map piece. The easiest way to gain magic lvls without spending lots of money or runecrafting is not to attack the lesser demon in the wizards tower. The best way is to get out 8 cakes 1 sword (elemental staffs help)  and without any armor go to the dark wizards in varrock and attack them. when you get enough runes from their drops use magic on them until you run out of runes. then attack them with your sword again. Why- the reason you have no armor is because it does negative magic defense. the reason why you attack dark wizards is that their low lvl allows you to make higher strikes on them, saving your hit points and giving you more experience.

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Freearcade- Wickywoo: press page up or down to skip through lvls. on the tank game hold down the fire button to do tons of shots at once.


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