Moore Family
of Arizona

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We like to Read, Listen & Watch...

We have decent sized collections of Books, Music & Videos - here is a list of our libraries by type it will give you some ideas of the things we like; favorite authors, musicians and directors/actors...

Music Collections - Mostly on CD but also some old Vinyl albums and newer MP3 downloads

We have some custom built in wall CD racks in the house - but pretty much all our CD's are also online stored on our shared NAS device and accessible via all our networked PC's and so also via the Tivo to our whole house music system. Only the Vinyl records still require playing physically - but most of these we also have on CD. I have digitized a few albums that were unavailable on CD. 
Video Collections - Mostly on DVD but some earlier VHS.

We do not have a huge video library - what we do have is more eclectic stuff

The DVD's are also stored in the in wall racks, one rack is mostly DVD's the other is mostly CD's. The VHS tapes are hidden away in a drawer (old technology!).







Book Collections - Mostly hardbacks but a few favorite paperbacks & some magazine collections too..

We have a large bookshelf system in the formal area of the house as well as several small bookcases in the children's rooms.

As you can guess - we all like to read quite a lot - but mostly those books cycle though - we waterfall through the kids then donate most paperback books except for reference, classics and a few favorites (OK quite a few favorites). We do also visit the rather good local libraries occasionally.

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