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Family Stuff`

The Moore Family:

We are Alex, Marlene, Daniel & Alan (L to R).

Here we are posing at the Chiricahua National Monument in South Eastern Arizona (Oct 2006)

We've lived in sunny Arizona for the last 16 years, (those that are old enough anyway), before that we lived in southern England - quite a change in every way. Divided by a common language indeed!

We love Phoenix even though it gets pretty darned hot in the summer.

Of course we have our swimming pool & good air conditioning to combat the summer heat and the compensation of wonderful winter weather with 300+ sunny days every year! We love it!

Our Backyard Pool - summer time escape from the heat:

We also like to travel and usually take at least one big vacation every year as well as a few short breaks for Skiing, Hiking and visiting. Usually about every 3 years we make a big trip back to England to see our family and friends from just a few years back...

Often we try to combine a trip to Paris, France to see our friends there too.

Alan, Alex & Daniel also like to go camping & backpacking and Arizona has some really great places to go. We all like to hike and there are many great places to go when it cools down in fall, winter & spring.

Included here on our website are individual pages with our interests etc and family information on many topics including our vacations, newsletters, home projects, libraries and local places to go and things to see...


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