The Warrior Clan

The warrior clan is a clan (group of people/friends)  on runescape that do stuff together.

so far The Warrior clan is needing new posts: a thief, a permanent mage, ranger, and another warrior.

The clan leader is: Moorecool (me).

Warriors (clan members)- Danthefierce, Moorecool, Ibarb 0, Ajfarr600, daleowen0, whiteviper2 (more players will be added when the join)


Mages- Danthefierce, Moorecool

Chefs- Ibarb 0, Moorecool


Thieves- Danthefierce, Ibarb 0

Financial adviser-Moorecool

Money makers-all

Members- Moorecool, Danthefierce, Daleowen0, whiteviper2, Ibarb 0, Ajfarr600

Guild members-Moorecool, Danthefierce, Ibarb 0

If you would like to join The warrior clan contact Moorecool, the leader, on runescape

ZeroOnly true warriors come here!Knight Man


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