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I currently own a new Playstation 2 that I bought around April this year, 2006. I'm new to Video gaming and need help on some things. I currently have Mx unleashed, Need for Speed Underground, Kingdom Hearts II, The Sims 2, Time Crisis 3 ( with Guncon 2), 2006 Fifa World Cup Germany, Radiata stories, and Kingdom Hearts. I have beaten Kingdom Hearts II but was curious as to the Background of KH. so I picked up the game but found it's much harder than KH2. I'm stuck at the near the beginning of the game and really need assistance. I'm so close to the beginning that when I fight the boss for Tarzan's level after 4 hits I'm pretty much dead.... if you've got any tips email me. Also I would like suggestions for good PS2 games to get, and why they are good. I'll keep adding to the sight as my list of games increases. I've currently got 16 games on my wish list, which includes: Dance Dance Revolution extreme 2, FF7, Lego Star Wars 2, Battlefront 2, Mercenaries, and possibly God of War. If any of those games are enjoyable please let me know. if you have any questions about the games I mentioned I own, or just in case I might have played them, just let know. I check my email once a day so it will probably take a day for a response. homework keeps me on a busy schedule!      



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