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Alan's Internet Links

Personal:  Of course! - you are already here!  Another site I maintain for my sons' Scout Troop My fledgling business site for internet publishing  My new company (as in: I'm employed by them....) (6+ years & counting)  My old (very long time) company! - ~23 years!  My even older - first company out of school (~6 years)

Interests:  My favorite cooking show on PBS My Second favorite cooking show on TV  Home site of the soccer league I play in  The main  source for Porsche 928 know-how  Another source for Porsche 928 know-how Yet another source for Porsche 928 know-how  The best backpacking magazine A great online lightweight backpacking site  Telluride - a great Colorado ski town  Home automation supplies  Tools, Tools and more Tools - (supplies too)  Camera World of Oregon - great internet camera dealer  Great computer review and commentary site

Great Use Of The Internet:  Ebay is a wonderful use of the Internet! I use it a lot  Wikipedia - a collaborative knowledge concept  Another Great use of the Internet (UK based)  Great Wiki company I use for tools - Confluence Esp.

News:  The place for real day to day news  My favorite way to learn what going on in the world - I subscribe  Sharp and satirical commentary on technology industry news  Similar (US based) site to the Register



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