Moore Family
of Arizona

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Our Books & Magazines...








Travel Books:


Cooking Books:


Business Books:


Puzzle Books:


Reference Books:





Magazines (subscription & keepers):

  National Geographic Traveler (xx/xx - xx/xx)

    Porsche Panorama (05/00 - present)

    Porsche PCA-AZ Going Paces (5/00-present)

    Backpacking (03/05 - present)

    Travel & Leisure (2/1992 - 10/03)

    Sunset (1/00 - present)

Magazines (subscriptions):

    PC Week - I keep only the last 6 months worth for reference

    This Old House - I keep a few months worth and save only particular articles

    The Economist - I keep each issue for just as long as it take to read it all (<1 month)

    Men's Health - An airline miles subscription but some articles are actually good

    Popular Science - keep for only a few weeks

    Wired - Sometimes its great - sometimes its not - sometimes its just Wierd

    Outside - I find a lot of it to be uninteresting but every now and then....



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